Shortlisted for the Hot Key Books & Guardian Young Writer’s Prize

Some excellent and rather humbling news, everyone!

My young adult novel, The Rig, has made the short list (top five out of hundreds) for the Guardian and Hot Key Books Writer’s Prize next year at the London Book Fair. This is exciting on many levels.

But also deliciously validating.

My time spent in the word mines chopping away at this story was not in vain.

Now, unfortunately there’s a bit of a wait to find out if I come out on top – around March, 2013 – but to have made it this far is simply wonderful, and taking a look at some of the competition, I fear I am in remarkable company. I am also the only dude in my category, which is somewhat intimidating on certain levels.

So yeah. Good news is good.



10 thoughts on “Shortlisted for the Hot Key Books & Guardian Young Writer’s Prize

    • Cheers. Couldn’t possibly comment on how soon The Rig would be available – I’ve no earthly clue, so much to consider in the next few months. Hopefully, at some point 2013.

      But we’ll see!

  1. Hi Joe as you know I am not very good at this – computers, emails, twitter and the like…
    Just wanted to say I am very proud of you – congratulations all round. My Christmas book list just changed! 😃

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