Word Counter

So I’ve gone and added a nifty word count tracker on the right hand side of the page here. Just to give folk an idea of where I am on current drafts, what I’m working on, and where my words are heading.

Crystal Force will be finished ‘fore the New Year.

Lost Grace in January and, if I’m feeling particularly wordy, Ghosthustlers (a gritty horror/comedy/really fucked up-at-thon) end of Jan/early Feb.

Huzzah for the word count! ALL HAIL COUNTRIX!

4 thoughts on “Word Counter

  1. Ye gads, I look away for a couple of years and then BAM you’ve got a bunch of titles and awards. AWESOME.

    I caught the link on the Worldbuilders auction and I can’t believe I missed your success ’til now. Congratulations! Very nice.

    (In related news, the link on your newsletter sign-up is broken.)

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