Lost Grace (RE#4) Cover!

Well, the incomparable Vincent Chong has gone and worked his magic again on my humble tales. Check out this noise:

DEclan 4

As is standard, Vinny has outdone himself. I don’t deserve his talent.

Check out his other work here: http://www.vincentchong-art.co.uk/illustration1.html

It tells more in a single image than I could in a 1000 novels.

Look out for the release of this story in MAY, 2014, so long as the editing is up to scratch. This one sees Declan almost happy for a change, which can’t last of course, not in his world, but default settings aside he can scrape a moment of blessed clarity from the maelstrom. Perhaps he’ll spend that moment in a dive bar, singing Korean karaoke, perhaps he’ll spend it in love, or fighting the Elder Gods. If it were up to me, he’d just knock back two finger’s worth of amber poison and head out for the steak special.

Despite appearances, it ain’t up to me. Declan has a warped mind of his own.



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