Worldbuilders 2013 – Thank You Video!

Check out the Worldbuilders 2013 Thank You video, folks. I’m in there around the 2:23 mark alongside much more talented and pretty people – Rothfuss and Sanderson to name just two!

1 thought on “Worldbuilders 2013 – Thank You Video!

  1. Bro…Your is Awesome!!!!
    I have read all your hp fan fiction…especially the hero is just Brilliant…
    Now After Finishing Wasteland Of Times I Got To It’s sequel Heartland Of Time But It Appears It Has Been Abandoned.Bro Please Pay Your Fanfiction a visit and plz plz complete your story if you can. I do expect a RESPONSE!…Keep up your brilliant work.
    Syed Muhammad Abdur Rehman

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