On Signing Books

There’s a real trick to writing something witty and meaningful on the inscription page of a novel. I have yet to master that trick, but whenever I write something pseudo-clever I snap a pic or get the reader to email me a copy of it later. Here’s a few that have come in this year.

2014-03-03 12.07.29

From BROKEN QUILL: Tim, Somewhere in this story is the most hardcore sex scene ever written. Good fortune, -Joe

2014-03-03 12.11.08

From DISTANT STAR: To Kate, We’re tequila mercenaries in a desert of bastards and whores. Otherwise known as the long road to mediocrity! -Joe

2014-03-03 12.13.13From DISTANT STAR: To Matt, Scotch, nachos, and distasteful pornography. I swear she said she was eighteen! -Joe

2014-03-03 12.30.55From BROKEN QUILL: Hi, Si, The key to success is to smile while feeling depressed and unsatisfied with everything. Also drinking shower beer! Your pal, Joe

I fully expect some of these to come back and bite me in the ass one day – but not today!



Lost Grace (RE#4) Cover!

Well, the incomparable Vincent Chong has gone and worked his magic again on my humble tales. Check out this noise:

DEclan 4

As is standard, Vinny has outdone himself. I don’t deserve his talent.

Check out his other work here: http://www.vincentchong-art.co.uk/illustration1.html

It tells more in a single image than I could in a 1000 novels.

Look out for the release of this story in MAY, 2014, so long as the editing is up to scratch. This one sees Declan almost happy for a change, which can’t last of course, not in his world, but default settings aside he can scrape a moment of blessed clarity from the maelstrom. Perhaps he’ll spend that moment in a dive bar, singing Korean karaoke, perhaps he’ll spend it in love, or fighting the Elder Gods. If it were up to me, he’d just knock back two finger’s worth of amber poison and head out for the steak special.

Despite appearances, it ain’t up to me. Declan has a warped mind of his own.



International Book Giving Day!

Whoa, I’m letting posts on this blog of mine slide – but then who reads it anyway, eh? 😉 I’m part of IBGD this year, so check this out, ladies and gentlemen:


Celebrate International Book Giving Day 14th February 2014

International Book Giving Day, 14th February, is a day dedicated to getting new, used, and borrowed books into the hands of as many children as possible.

Share the love of books & the generosity of giving … all on a day synonymous with love.

International Book Giving Day was built and created by Amy Broadmoore, founder of the American children’s book website, Delightful Children’s Books, in 2012. Inspired by her son’s desire to ‘invent a holiday when people gave books to each other’, the determination to link that with Valentine’s Day was born just 10 days before the day itself!

Within a short space of time Amy’s initiative has continued to grow, sparking enthusiastic responses from across the globe. ‘I used the connections I had as a children’s book blogger to invite people from around the world to celebrate International Book Giving Day.’

Amy continues: ‘People not only give books to kids in their communities, they also share stories and photos via Twitter, Facebook and International Book Giving Day’s website. Connecting with others who are giving books to kids, is part of what makes this an inspiring holiday.’

The support of well-known authors and bloggers has been instrumental in International Book Giving Day’s success. 2014 sees an increased presence of Emma Perry, My Book Corner – UK, as Amy creates a little more room to squeeze in even more bookish projects.

Perry says: ‘the enthusiasm from all who hear about International Book Giving Day is infectious. The reaction I’m getting already really is wonderful – illustrators are donating their time, children are donating books to other children & independent bookstores are in love with the philosophy behind the day.’

International Book Giving Day has received great support from well known children’s authors from around the world. Mem Fox, Clara Vulliamy, Dub Leffler, Katrina Germein, Chris Haughton, Sindiwe Magona, Ed Emberley, Dianne Wolfer, Kathryn Apel, Ed Vere, Claire Wildish, Peter H. Reynolds, Sandy Fussell, Priya Kuriyan, Janeen Brian, Barney Saltzberg, Hazel Edwards, and Frane Lessac have all given books to children on February 14th and are encouraged others to do the same.

The beauty of International Book Giving Day is its simplicity. Participants do not need to organise a huge event to take part. They are invited to celebrate by:

1. Giving a Book to a Friend or Relative. Gift a book to a child who would enjoy receiving a book on February 14th. A perfect alternative to overpriced chocolate and roses … although chocolates still make a good present!

2. Leaving a Book somewhere … Choose a waiting room where kids are stuck waiting. Purchase a good book, and deposit your book covertly or overtly in your waiting room of choice. Try leaving them in playgrounds with our downloadable bookplates or bookmarks tucked inside! The goal here is to spread the love of reading to kids.

3. Donating a Book. Donate books to a school library, children’s hospital, or nonprofit organisation working to ensure that all kids have access to books. A list of some of these organisations can be found on the website.


So there you have it, folks. This is an initiative we can all get behind!

Word Counter

So I’ve gone and added a nifty word count tracker on the right hand side of the page here. Just to give folk an idea of where I am on current drafts, what I’m working on, and where my words are heading.

Crystal Force will be finished ‘fore the New Year.

Lost Grace in January and, if I’m feeling particularly wordy, Ghosthustlers (a gritty horror/comedy/really fucked up-at-thon) end of Jan/early Feb.

Huzzah for the word count! ALL HAIL COUNTRIX!



So, shit, I forgot to post this a week ago, but Knight Fall (RE#3) is now available for Kindle from Amazon!

Here: http://www.amazon.com/Knight-Fall-Reminiscent-Exile-ebook/dp/B00G7PHAAA/

Blimey, shooting myself in the foot…

The paperback isn’t far away – about a week!

Hope you enjoy! And review. Oh I hope you review!

5 Copies of Knight Fall – A Giveaway!

Fresh off the release of The Rig, which is garnering some awesome reviews and praise, I’ve got the next volume in the Reminiscent Exile series lined up for release at the end of this month!

Hurray. Hurray, indeed.

To celebrate, I’m doing a paperback giveaway!


Got some other news coming up, including some new stories, short stories, and exciting author stuff, but I’ll save that until after the release of Knight Fall. All things being even, it should be live for Amazon Kindle on October 27th!

8 Copies of THE RIG to giveaway!

Oh yeah, free books, ladies and gentlemen! Enter to win – you’ll need a Goodreads account and some love for your favourite Australian author. Yeah, me.


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The Rig

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