First Look at Knight Fall – Reminiscent Exile #3

Okay, team,

As promised over on the new Facebook page, when we snuck past 200+ likes, I’d post the first few chapters of Knight Fall. Well, here we are:

Knight Fall – Chapters 1 & 2

These are raw chapters, a few edits away from gold, but strong enough to stand on their own! Looks like Declan doesn’t get to enjoy any downtime!



Distant Star Closing in on 2k Sales!

Ladies and gentlemen,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank any and all who have purchased Distant Star, my first novel, in the five weeks since it appeared online in various bookstores and in various formats.

As it stands right now, I’m at 1940 sales – and sixteen positive reviews on Amazon! You don’t hate me, or my stories, and I love you for it.

The surge of sales through June and the positive response has had me furiously working on the follow-up to Distant Star – Book Two of The Reminiscent Exile.

Broken Quill.

I’m hoping to have a first draft by late August/early September, off to the editors before December, and hitting the shelves come January/February 2013. Things step up a notch in Book Two. We learn a lot more about Declan and his sordid past, as well as meet a whole cast of new characters who have been pulled into his dangerous web of war and regret.

Also, a duck explodes.

Thanks again, dear readers,


Good News, Everyone!

Just a quick note to say that, after a day and a half of learning how to map domains and edit non-user friendly DNS settings, the new page is up and running!

We’ve got a space for books, reviews, general blogging, and a special section for my up and coming web comic – NostalgiaBoner! A taste of the 90’s, set in the modern day – a world that has forgotten and moved on. Should have the first strip up soon. Just have to learn to draw, edit, and colour. No rush.

The final piece of good news is thus: my first novel, Distant Star, will be published and available as an ebook on June 7th, come hell or high water. This has been a year in the making, and I’m more than ready to have the book out there in the world. Print editions will follow at a later date, but not much later.