5 Copies of Knight Fall – A Giveaway!

Fresh off the release of The Rig, which is garnering some awesome reviews and praise, I’ve got the next volume in the Reminiscent Exile series lined up for release at the end of this month!

Hurray. Hurray, indeed.

To celebrate, I’m doing a paperback giveaway!


Got some other news coming up, including some new stories, short stories, and exciting author stuff, but I’ll save that until after the release of Knight Fall. All things being even, it should be live for Amazon Kindle on October 27th!

Like Pulling Teeth

You’ll have to bear with me on this one – I’ve just returned from the dentist with two less teeth than I left with. Blimey, it took two dentists and about four sets of dentist pliers (forceps?) to remove these stubborn teeth. Way to go molars, you let the whole team down.

Funnily enough, it put me in a blogging mood.

Let’s talk what’s happening on the writing front.

  • The Rig is going through final edits now and is on track to be published September 5th, by Hot Key Books. Keep an eye out for that one, it’s one of my finest works to date.
  • Knight Fall, RE#3, is floundering but persevering. Should be done in a month or two, then edits, then release.
  • I’m working on two brand new projects, as well. Young Adult fantasy and Young Adult… contemporary? I dunno, YA – dragons = project 2. One involves floating cities, fish and tree people, magical gauntlets, and an orphaned protagonist fallen on hard-but-magical times. The other doesn’t have dragons, and remains a vague, somewhat vaguer than vague, blur in my mind. Only have about 10,000 useful words of that, but there’s something there. Cider Promises.
  • And, happy days, I just signed with the wonderful Eugenie Furniss at Furniss & Lawton. Not only am I published, but I have a literary agent.

That about does it for now. Just gotta keep tip-tapping away in the word mines, searching for glittering story. There’s plot in dem dar hills!

Long days and pleasant nights,