The Rig

My first Young Adult novel, which won the Guardian and Hot Key Books Young Writer’s Prize (2012) at the London Book Fair,has been released on September 5th 2013!

Hot Key Books   Amazon US   Amazon UK   Amazon AU

Check out the cover:

The Rig - Lo-Res

Fifteen-year-old Will Drake has made a career of breaking out from high-security prisons. His talents have landed him at The Rig, a specialist juvenile holding facility in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. No  one can escape from The Rig. No one except for Drake…

After making some escape plans and meeting the first real friends of his life, Drake quickly realises that all is not as it seems on The Rig. The Warden is obsessed with the mysterious Crystal-X – a blue, glowing substance that appears to give superpowers to the teens exposed to it. Drake, Tristan and Irene are banking on a bid for freedom – but can they survive long enough to make it? Drake is an action hero to rival Jason Bourne and the CHERUB team in this debut author’s fantastically imagined sci-fi nightmare.


Exciting stuff, no? Here’s a few places, outside of your local bookshop, you can pick up a copy!

Hot Key Books

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon AU


19 thoughts on “The Rig

  1. Saw it come out on Amazon for pre-order as a paperback.

    Any chance we’ll be able to pre-order the Kindle edition sometime soon as well? Afraid I might forget to check back by September 5th.

      • Glad to hear it, will look out for news. Just to let you know (in case you didn’t), I was asked to review the book for the Australian/NZ Literature Fest in London next year. I’m a writer myself, working on TV scripts for children at the moment, but am going on a special course next year to help re-write the several children’s and YA books I’ve written. Your lovely publisher Sara O’Connor at Hotkey Books is one of the people running the course. 🙂

        Anyway, nice to meet you online and hopefully we could grab a drink for a chat some time if you’re coming over to the festival next year?

        Cheers, Anthony

      • Yeah, you too, mate. There’s a rumour I may be heading London-way for the festival, but nothing confirmed as of yet. Definitely keen for a beer!


  2. My son has just finished ‘The Rig’ and is raving about it. He’ll sleep easy knowing that the sequels on the way…

    Thanks so much for writing novels that get him excited about reading

  3. I was at your all saints college presentation on Thursday, 9:15-10:00, and asked about your inspiration for drake. But there was 1 thing I forgot to ask and don’t remember you answering. If they make a movie of “The Rig”, who would you like to act in it. It could be anybody, from a gold fish to a zombie version of Michael Jackson. It could even be your brother. Please get back to me soon. Thanks!

  4. Hey Mr Ducie, i really loved The Rig it was easily the best book that I’ve ever read, i was just wondering if you’ll ever make a sequel? There’s so much more that can happen with Drake, Tristan and Irene!

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