Broken Quill

Broken Quill is the second volume in the Reminiscent Exile series.

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“Broken Quill, the second volume of ‘The Reminiscent Exile’, is considered Outstanding in Genre (Urban Fantasy).” ~ Red Adept Select


Morpheus Renegade has fallen and Declan Hale, the Shadowless Arbiter, has returned from the dead.

But scores are still to be settled. A creature from Forget stalks Perth, taunting Declan, drawing him out of his bookshop and forcing him across worlds once again. The last time Declan broke his exile, it cost him his life. Worse, the Knights Infernal have done the unthinkable and withdrawn from True Earth—leaving humanity unprotected against the Void.

Among demonic serial killers, malevolent gods, old girlfriends, and pressure from the local cops, Declan stands at the heart of a conflict ten thousand years in the making.

The Knights may have abandoned Earth to enemies as old and as cruel as time, but Declan won’t let his world—or his favorite pub—fall without a fight.


An urban fantasy story, the second in a series that spans worlds, universes, and time. Join Declan Hale, exiled hero, as he battles friends, enemies, kings, and the gods themselves in his struggle for redemption.


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